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Equations IAS is known for its reputation in innovative competitive Education. The mission is to lay supreme emphasis on providing the most and sophisticated learning environment and value system. The faculty & management possess a high degree of integrity and knowledge that churns the students into efficient and effective human beings.

“Knowledge is important but knowing how to apply it, is critical.”

The Indian student after completing a grueling tedious and hard earned graduation finds himself in the harsh reality of the world of competition. He then has no other option other then to prepare himself of the meek competition. In fact, there are only few of them who really find the right path to success & glory. This scenario has thrown open opportunities for us to show our talent & skill. But the actual question is that how many of us know the way to success.

Equations is making an honest Endeavor in direction by providing high quality value –based education (Expertise, Application, Learning, Nurturing, Preparing)

Advantage: Quality course curriculum, Sound Teaching & Pedagogy, strong & value based Teaching Methodology.

Equations has been established to impart quality life oriented education to the youngster who are preparing for their start in life. Keeping in line with its basic objective, Equations offers a range of Programs across the spectrum of competitive exams. The course contents are modern, innovative and flexible. Equations lays a strong emphasis on a friendly and supportive atmosphere, encouraging its students to developing their abilities to the fullest & realizing their true potential.

Equations is about to complete its 8 years of golden journey. During this short-span of its existence Equations has established an identity of its own.

Its Founder-Director Mr. Deepak Dutt Mamgain, MBA, M.Sc. in Mathematics is well known for his untiring Determination & philanthropic approach & has been the guiding spirit & inspiration behind the institute.


By providing a rich vibrant learning environment, we not only stimulate free interaction but also kindle a spirit of deep inquiry in the young minds &help to enhance their problem-solving and decision-making skills.

Our students differ from others in their self-confidence & ability to innovate; they take calculated risks & are change agents. The atmosphere is enjoyable, enriching &empowering.

The learning environment contributes in creating a conductive frame of mind, so that a student can get the maximum benefit out of the rich course offering & the stimulating pedagogy of the institute.

Before joining, students are advised to go through a demonstration classes. Here the program is designed in order to introduce our teaching methodology & course delivery. The induction class also tells them what to expect from the course &what is expected of them. The students come from diverse stream & it is a prerequisite that they are brought up to a basic level so that they can comprehend & derive optimal benefit from the course. The course is conducted in core areas such as General Awareness, Logical Ability, Quantitative techniques, economics information, Business Communication, General English as well as Marketing Aptitude.

To ensure smooth & cordial integration of new & fresh batches are also introduced time & again. The course contents are regularly reviewed & updated as per the related syllabus of the course in keeping with the Equations’s principle of continual improvement .in order that knowledge is liberating & life giving the mission of Equations is the pursuit of education &enhancing life time opportunities to its students.

The institute follows to deliver the life long knowledge. The program of study is designed to lay emphasis on foundations courses, with a good balance of breadth & depth. The environment is such that the students maintain curiosity to be life long learners & develop the necessary communication & social skills as well as an appreciation of the Indian ethos & Professional Ethics.

In a competitive job market, graduates & undergraduates rarely secure a job solely on the basis of their degree. Academics qualification or technical skills are only part of the bigger picture. You need to prove to a potential employer that you have the skills & experience that they are looking for. Batches are flexible in accordance to the need of a student; classes are designed to develop more innovative, enterprising & effective managers with the requisite knowledge, skills &managerial competencies to face the opportunities &challenges of the 21st century.

Student constantly challenge themselves & are inspired to give their best in an academically rigorous yet open minded environment. What sets the participants at Equations apart is that they have the aptitude &background to excel.The approach followed is to establish a synergy between education & practice & create opportunities for real-life situations where students are guided by the best faculty undertaking. Mock test are conducted on regular basis in order to study the overall performance of a student. A detailed analysis on the test is done so as to check the mental ability of a student. Equations’s main focus is on the proper guidance through innovative & modern approach through which a student is encouraged to analyze his/her strengths & weaknesses.

                                                LIBRARY (LEARNING FACILITIES)

As per Equation the library has as wide array of books on social issues, autobiographies, General reading, quantitative aptitude, Reasoning, computers, Marketing and much more good a latest collection.


The foundation of any good institute is its faculty & the most important activity is the teaching-learning process. Teaching fraternity forms the key to this process & through their expertise concert knowledge into wisdom thereby making it applicable beyond the boundaries of time &space. Converting the right candidates to the right jobs through right training & development has always been the goal of Equations. Equations is proud to state that it has achieved the same to a large extent through our selection in various field of competition.


UPSC exams coaching                                                                                          Assistant Commandant coaching

PCS exams coaching                                                                                                     Bank PO – Clerk coaching

CDS – OTA coaching                                                                                                                   SSC coaching 

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